Learn To Ski or Snowboard

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Who?  ME?

Yes YOU! The one looking at your computer screen. You have taken the first step in becoming a monarch of the mountains, superhero of the snow...a wizard of winter fun!

It's Easy!

Learning to ski or snowboard is much easier than you might think and with a little prior planning you'll be dancing down the mountain in no time at all. That's where this web page comes in. By taking a few moments to review this information, you will arrive at the mountain just brimming with confidence and ready to make the most of your snowy adventure. So buckle up and get ready for a great ride!

We'll Show You How

Our team of dedicated scientists has spent years perfecting the art of learning to ski or snowboard. You may be surprised to find that it boils down to just a few easy steps. We like to call those "The Easy Steps to Learning" - catchy, huh? When you are done marveling at our marketing prowess, please visit the links to the left for tons of helpful hints on making your first visit a great one.

The Discovery Program

The Discovery Program is a three day package that includes lift tickets, class lessons and use of rental equipment.  If you are looking to fast-track your ski or snowboard skills, this is the way to go.  Only $199 for all three visits if purchased on-line - that's only a few dollars more than the cost of a single day package!