OGO Balls

ogo ball

OGO Balls

OGO Balls are 11 foot diameter inflatable balls with a 6 foot ball suspended in the middle. You may also have heard them called Zorb or Zorbing. The riders climb into the inner ball and enjoys a totally unique ride down the tubing runs. OGO balls have 5 gallons of fresh water in them so you and up to two friends body surf inside during the ride.

Will I go upside down you ask? No! Because of the water you will slip and slide inside of the ball as it rolls down the hill but will not go upside down.

Roundtop is one of only 3 places in the United States where you can OGO! These balls are only available to state-licensed venues and are very different from the balls you may see for sale to the public on the internet.

OGO Balls are included in the Adventure Package. For a good first hand OGO Ball review, please select here.

The H2 OGO is for ages 5+. Five year olds must ride with a rider 18 or older. Maximum rider weight is 275 lbs. Maximum combined weight for up to 3 riders is 550 lbs.

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