Open 7 Days a Week for Summer 2017!

NEW Super Slide

The Super Slide is 600' of slipping, sliding and splashing fun.  Grab a single or double tube and enjoy a wild, wet ride! Ages 5 and older, 45" or taller.  Maximum weight is 300 lbs.

OGO Ball in action
Wet OGO Ball ride


OGO Balls

OGO Balls are 11 foot diameter inflatable balls with a 6 foot ball suspended in the middle. You may also have heard them called Zorb or Zorbing. The riders climb into the inner ball and enjoys a totally unique ride down the tubing runs. OGO balls have 5 gallons of fresh water in them so you and up to two friends body surf inside during the ride. 

Will I go upside down you ask?  No!  Because of the water you will slip and slide inside of the ball as it rolls down the hill but will not go upside down.

Roundtop is one of only 3 places in the United States where you can OGO!  These balls are only available to state-licensed venues and are very different from the balls you may see for sale to the public on the internet. 

OGO Balls are included in the Adventure Package. For a good first hand OGO Ball review, please select here.

The H2 OGO is for ages 6+. Maximum rider weight is 275 lbs. Maximum combined weight for up to 3 riders is 550 lbs. Riders ages 6 and 7 must ride with a rider 14 or older.


OGO Ball in action
Wet OGO Ball ride
OGO ball lanes
OGO ball with lodge


Crow's Nest

Climb to the top of the Crow's Nest for a great view into the Cedar Maze.

Crows Nest climbing structure
Crows Nest and cedar Maze


Giant's Staircase

Climb to the observation deck using a series of climbing options over three levels.  The Giant's Staircase connects with the Switchback Tower, Alpine Traverse, Tree House Zips and the Canopy Crawl to create a massive climbing and play structure for the whole family.  Users must be ages 5 and older and under 300 pounds.

Giant's Staircase uphill view
Giant's Staircase downhill view


Switchback Tower

Climb alternating inclined nets to reach an observation deck.  From there, connect to the Tree House Zips, Canopy Crawl and Alpine Traverse via a net bridge.  Users must be ages 5 and older and under 300 pounds.

Switchback Tower from above
Switchback Tower closeup


Alpine Traverse

The Alpine Traverse is a towering passageway that runs from the Canopy Crawl, through the Tree House to the Woods. It features "The Hive", a suspension bridge, a worm hole and an inclined bridge.  Users must be ages 5 and older and under 300 pounds.

The wormhole entering the tree house
The inclined bridg
Top of the inclined bridge
Looking down the inclined bridge to the woods
The wormhole
The wormhole, tree house and hive
Alpine Traverse
Inside the Hive
The a-frame tower


Cedar Maze

The Cedar Maze is a 4,800 square foot maze. Challenge yourself to find checkpoints and the exit while racing against your friends and the clock. The maze pathways can be modified to keep the challenge fresh! Fun for all ages!

The Cedar Maze from the road
The view from one of the raised platforms
The entrance to the maze Punch your time card and race the clock


Tree House Zips

The Tree House Zips are four 100 foot zip lines that start on a two story tower. The tower features climbing elements as well as a really cool bridge that goes through a Y shaped tree trunk. After you have zipped, the lines lower you gently to the ground where you unclip and climb back up to do it again!

Unlimited Tree House Zips are included in the Adventure Package.

House Zips are for ages 8+. All riders must be between 70 and 250 lbs.


The vire from the Tree House Looking up at the Tree House


The Canopy Crawl

The Canopy Crawl is a structure that features wobbly bridges and net crawls. An observation deck overlooks the Exhibition Pond.  Users must be ages 5 and older and under 300 pounds.

The net crawl
The swinging log
Canopy Crawl structure
The wobbly bridge


The Woods

The Woods is a multi-generational play area featuring short zip lines, bridges, a tarzan swing and a number of climbing elements, all close to the ground.  Fun for all ages.

Climbing wall and taco net
The cargo net
Inclined ramp with ropes
A kid sized zip line


Bumper Boats

Cool off in our bumper boat pond. Our electric boats feature water squirters for lots of summer fun. Unlimited Bumper Boat rides are included in the Adventure Package.

Must be 44"+ to drive the boats. Passengers under 40" must wear a floatation device.

Cooling off in the bumper boats
Bumper Boat battle


  Scenic Chairlift Ride

Enjoy a scenic ride up over 600 vertical feet. You may ride round trip, get off at the top and explore a bit before riding down, or hike down on your own and enjoy nature. From the top of the ride you can enjoy a view of up to 6 counties!

The scenic chairlift ride is included in the Adventure Package, or may be purchased a la carte.

Mountaintop deck view
View from the chairlift
Guests enjoying the chairlift ride
Looking toward the Mountain View lodge

2017 Mountain Adventures Activity Wristband

Ages 11-64 $40.00
Ages 5-10 and 65+ $30.00

Mountain Adventures 2017 Hours

May 27/28/29 Saturday 10 am to 7 pm
Sunday/Monday 10 am to 5 pm
June 3 - September 4 Sunday - Thursday 10 am to 5 pm
Friday & Saturday 10 am to 7 pm

Friday Specials
June 16, July 21, August 18.  10 am to 9 pm with live music and dinner specials.


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