What is Resort Cash?

You can load money on your Season Pass, or Night Tracker Card and use it just like cash at Roundtop, Whitetail and Liberty. You can also check your balance and add more money online or at the resort. You must have your card with you at the resort in order to use your Resort Cash.

How does Resort Cash work?

First, make sure you have your card handy - you will need the number, then select the link below. You may check your balance and add more money online, or at the resort.

Why should I use Resort Cash?

It's a secure way to be sure that you and your family always have money for whatever you need while at the resort. It's a great way to be sure that your children have money for dinner on School Club nights!

What can I use Resort Cash for?

Anything we sell at all three resorts.

What if I still have money on my card at the end of the season?

The balance will carry over to next year's pass or card. If you don't have a pass or card next year, your current card will continue to work for Resort Cash until the balance is zero. If you lose your card your old card will be blocked and the balance will be available on your new card.

Load Card or Check Balance