Schools, Summer Camps, and Child Care Centers

Looking for an adventure filled field trip?

Visit Roundtop where there’s no fee for parking, and $7 meal tickets in the summer! You can even bring a bag lunch if you prefer.

For a rolling good time, visit us to experience an OGO ball. There are only 3 places in the United States with an OGO ball and we’re the only place where your wristband also gives you access to ziplines, bumper boats, tons of inter-connected climbing features, and a chairlift ride to the top of our ski slopes.

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A Ropes Course event, both purposeful and fun, is outdoors, guided by professionally trained facilitators. Students are presented with scenarios centered around low ropes elements and challenged to determine a viable solution. After each challenge, the facilitator debriefs with students and presents the next challenge based on the concepts participants did, or did not grasp! A ropes Course event teaches conflict resolution skills, communication styles, and collaboration.

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Science day at snow tubing - teacher designed curriculum.

The experiments are designed for the average middle-level student and cover the following concepts:

  • Speed/velocity
  • Acceleration
  • Force
  • Energy
  • The scientific method

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