Let's Get Started

Congratulations! You are about to get started on a lifetime of winter fun! Everyone who skis or snowboards was once where you are now - excited to feel the thrill of skiing or snowboarding, but a little apprehensive about the unknown. Please take a few minutes to review our new guest guide. It will help answer all of your questions and will give you an idea of what to expect when you arrive for your first day on the slopes!

What should I wear?

What should I do when I arrive at Roundtop Mountain Resort?

What package should I purchase?

How does the rental equipment work?

What will my lesson be like?  

Are there any deals for new skiers and snowboarders?

What Our Guests Have To Say About Their Lessons:

"We've taken many lessons there. We love the instructors. Maralyn - the instructor with Max the Polar Bear hiding in her jacket pocket - she was spectacular with Lauren. Technically proficient as all of your instructors are - her enthusiasm and engagement with my 5 year old daughter was nothing short of exceptional, even by Roundtop's discriminating standards. Wow. I will actively seek her out to work with my Daughter again." - Tucker T.

"Dan L. was an amazing instructor for my special needs son! He did a great job explaining what he taught him afterwards so I can reinforce the lesson taught!" - Erin TS.

"We absolutely LOVED Chris and Scott! They were part of why we had such an excellent first experience!" - Nicole R.

"Colby as well as a new instructor named Pat were both extremely helpful as well as patient with my learning experience. They were great and I would recommend them to anybody who is going for boarding lessons!" - Sarah H.

How Do We Make Snow?

You may be wondering how we can keep the slopes covered with great snow when barely a flake has fallen from the sky. Good question! For a detailed description of how snowmaking works, please select here.