Our Ropes Course is all about facilitation – hands on interaction with our staff. 
Rather than merely clipping to a cable and moving from obstacle to obstacle, our Ropes Course facilitators work with your group on increasingly difficult mental challenges centered around various objects in the woods that make the event more fun than sitting at a cafeteria table, trying to figure out how to make something out of popsicle sticks!

A snapshot of a typical Ropes event:
Team building participants are all working together to complete challenges.  That helps to reinforce their ability to work with a diverse group of people.  Groups are given parameters to complete the different low course elements and must devise a plan, divide tasks, and make adjustments as they go.  After the group processes their experience, the facilitator helps them think of ways to apply their experience to challenges faced day-to-day.  A Ropes Course event builds confidence and self-awareness!

Team-building occurs via “field games” and “low course” activities.  The high course is a fun opportunity designed to encourage participants to stretch to new HEIGHTS and be supported by their peers.  Call our Group Sales staff to learn more about the particulars of a Ropes Course event for your group!  717-432-9631 x3723

Scenes from the Ropes Course

Ropes Course

The high course always provides a thrill

Zip Line
The new zipline is a blast!
4 Pole Challenge
The four pole challenge is great fun
Low Course 1
Problem solving on the low course
Climbing Tower
Coming down after a successful climb
Low Course
It's all about teamwork
Challenge Tower
Enjoying the 35' challenge tower
Building Trust
Trust fall
Climbing Wall
Taking on one of the climbing walls
Log Climb
Some choose to do it the hard way
zip line
Everyone loves the zip line


Ropes Course - Open Year-Round!

Anytime by reservation. Call 717 432-9631, ext 3723


Ropes Course

Youth Rates - Ages 8 to 18Group Rate
4 Hour Low, High or Combination $34.00
5 Hour Low, High or Combination $40.00
6 Hour Low, High or Combination $45.00
Adult Rates - Ages 19+Group Rate
4 Hour Low, High or Combination $48.00
5 Hour Low, High or Combination $56.00
6 Hour Low, High or Combination $61.00
PartiesGroup Rate
3 Hour Low, High or Combination - select here for details $38.00